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Seven Differences between Secondary School and University Education

The transition from secondary school to university can be challenging in many ways. If you can bridge the gap between them, it is more likely that you can lead a fulfilling study life in HKU. Emphasized below are some of their key differences:

1. Bigger Class

2. More Time Flexibility

3. Higher Academic Expectation

4. More Independent Thinking

5. More Freedom and Choices

6. More Self-Discipline

7. More Decision-Making


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A Quick Test:

Are You Developing Good Habits for Successful Study at University?

University success comes in many forms. For some, it means a good transcript that open doors to promising jobs and prestigious graduate schools. For others, it means something bigger than marks and grades! It’s a time to explore your interests and challenge your potential. University means a life-changing experience. How can you make sure that you are heading down the right path toward true academic success and a genuinely rewarding university experience? Just spare a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions. The more questions you can answer with a firm “yes”, the more likely you are going to succeed in your studies at HKU!

1. Do I know how to take notes in class?

2. Do I know how to ask good questions?

3. Am I good at managing time? Is your life balanced?

4. Am I good at reading and writing?

5. Can I communicate effectively and critically?

6. Can I think analytically?

7. Am I passionate? Am I ready to explore?


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Study Hard. Study Smart.

Studying can be stressful sometimes! Mid-terms, presentations, assignments and exams usually come sooner than you expect. You have no other choices but stay up all night and burn the midnight oil – most students have been there. As you can guess, top student may not always be the one who studies hardest in your class, but should be the one who studies smart. If you want a “Superpass” without neglecting other important aspects of your life, you have to sharpen your learning skills and have a mastery of smart study strategies. Making use of the smart study strategies and enrichment tips will better equip you for academic success.

What to read more? Here are some suggestions:

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