Outside Classroom

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning, which includes service-learning, internship, practicum etc, refers to the development of knowledge and skills through direct encounter with the phenomena being studied. It means learning in an authentic context relevant to their discipline. The scope of experiential learning embodies but is broader than internship in professional training. It is a very powerful form of learning and it will be one of the fundamental elements of the new curriculum. It takes learning outside the traditional boundary of the classroom, and facilitates the development of an integrated and holistic understanding of issues.

For more information, please visit the website of the Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre.

Student Exchange Programme

HKU is committed to nurturing its students as global citizens and providing them with education opportunities that foster international perspective and intercultural understanding through its curriculum and various student exchange opportunities. To this end, the University has established the HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme to enable undergraduate students to conduct full-year or short term exchanges on a full credit-transfer basis in overseas Universities.

HKU has already developed academic links with over 300 Universities and research institutions worldwide. It also has reciprocal student exchange programmes with over 180 partner institutions in 26 countries. In addition, there are special cultural study trips, leadership training programmes, internships and summer language programmes for students to join according to their needs and interests. Different Faculties also administer their own exchange programmes during semester time or summer.

International exchange opportunities provide undergraduate students with an invaluable opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons, open their minds to the world and learn to think globally. These qualities are as important as the acquisition of knowledge in classroom, and will enhance students’ competitiveness in the workplace.

For more information, please visit the website of the International Affairs Office (IAO).

Person Enrichment

Person Enrichment activities include workshops for developing student’s competence and abilities in areas such as learning strategies, creativity and lateral thinking, critical self-reflection, interpersonal skills for establishing relationship with others, communication and collaboration, leadership skills.

It is always important for students to know their personalities, strengths and weaknesses. In this connection, “Psychometer” has been developed by the Counselling and Person Enrichment Section of CEDARS. It is a comprehensive, professional and round-the-clock toolset for students to get quick feedback on their current mental health status, psychological well being and personal strengths.

Mentorship Programme

The HKU Mentorship Programme was established in 1997. As the name explains, this programme consists of different pairs of mentors (friends and alumni of the University) and mentees (HKU second-year undergraduates). Not only was it the first programme of its kind, it has become the exemplar of similar programmes. From this programme, mentees have the chance to look beyond the classroom and learn from HKU Mentors, Alumni and friends who are professionals and experts from different walks of life.