Learn .Nurture .Grow — A Guide for Faculty Academic Advisers (Online Toolkit)

Topic List of the Further Online Resources in the Guide

1. How the TAA System Works

2. Examples of Discussion Questions

3. Verification Procedures Outside Campus: 2-Factor Authentication ('2FA')

4. AAO's Academic Planning Sheet

5. Student's Quick Reference Guide on Major/ Minor Declaration

6. Major / Minor Programme Factsheets

7. Roles of TAA and How to Request a TAA via SIS

8. Video: Sharing of Senior Students on Major / Minor Selection

9. Online Orientation: Tips on Major / Minor Selection

10. SOAP Advising for At-Risk Students

11. Back-on-Track Plan for At-Risk Students

12. Information to be Included in the Internal Transfer Application

13. Tips on Planning for Postgraduate Studies

14. Tips on Scholarship Application

15. 'What Is Plagiarism?'(by Research Services, HKU )

16. 'Plagiarism and How To Avoid It'

17. Online Training on Academic Honesty (by the Libraries)

18. HKU Horizons (Learning Opportunities Outside Hong Kong)

19. Tips on Planning for Exchange

20. How to Make the Best Use of the Exchange or Internship Experience

21. 'Managing Suicidal Risks and Making Referrals' by CEDARS (CoPE)

22. AAO's Web Links for Useful Information on Different Discussion Topics (Faculty-Specific Web Links)

23. How to Make Referrals