What is Minor

“Minor” or “Minor programme” means the study requirements for a single minor area of disciplinary, interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary study, accumulating not fewer than 36 credits nor more than 48 credits, as prescribed in the syllabuses for a degree curriculum.

List of Minors by Faculties / Units

Common Core Office

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Business & Economics

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

LKS Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

List of Minors by Subjects

The following programmes can be taken as minor:

# Art History (The renaming from “Fine Arts” is subject to the approval of the Academic Board)

You may check the “Student’s Quick Reference Guide on Major / Minor Declaration” prepared by the Academic Support and Examinations Section (IT Project), Registry if you are not sure about the procedures