Major & Minor Selection: What to Consider?
Ms. Rachel Hong, Acting Head of AAO

Major Minor Declaration and Planning Tools Demonstration
Mr. Nelson Chau, Administrative Assistant of AAO

Quick guide on Major/ Minor Selection

5 Steps to Major Minor Selection

How and When to Declare Major/ Minor

Student usually can start declaring their Major / Minor from semester 1 of Year 2 through SIS. Some Faculties may devise their specific timeline / procedures so it is important for you to pay attention to the announcement by Faculty in this regard. You may check the “Student’s Quick Reference Guide on Major / Minor Declaration” prepared by Academic Support and Examinations Section (IT Project), Registry if you are not sure about the procedures. Here are also some FAQ for your reference.

Seek Advice

Student Advisers

Study Experience Sharing: A Database of Student Advisers in Different Majors/ Minors (Login Required)

Temporary Academic Advisers (TAA)

Students can find out more about different majors / minors by requesting and talking to a TAA who are current teachers assigned to advise students from home and non-home Faculties. See here for the procedures

AAO Advisers

You are welcome to make an appointment to meet with an AAO adviser to discuss your query on major minor selection.

Other Planning Tools