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Eight “Goodies” for Freshmen

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Welcome to HKU! As you become a university student, you enter into a new chapter of life which is filled with exciting learning opportunities. The Academic Advising Office (AAO) is set up to promote your academic success. Take the 8 goodies offered below to have a happy and healthy university life:

Meet Your Faculty Academic Adviser [1]

Each first year student will have an adviser either through student sign-up or faculty assignment. After registration, you will be able check the name and contact information [2] of your Faculty Academic Adviser via Student Information System (SIS). Ask them any questions related to your study.

Professional advisers in Academic Advising Office [3] can give you extra help. Do come and visit us at Room 212, Knowles Building.

Find out Your Curriculum Requirements [1]

It is important for you to know your curriculum requirements and the curriculum structure [4].

Common Core Curriculum [5] and Capstone Experience [6] are common learning experience for all undergraduate students.

Students who are taking a non “Professional Core” curriculum are required to declare Major(s) [7] and may choose Minor(s) [7].

Select Course Wisely [1]

Do you know you have to enroll for courses for both semester 1 and 2 in August? Check the Course Offering List [8] to find out whether a course is offered or not in the current academic year.

Use “My Academic Plan [9]” to formulate a study plan listing out the courses you wish to take in each semester. Discuss with your Faculty Academic Adviser or Course Selection Adviser to ensure the plan fits your academic goal or potential major(s).

Do the online course enrolment through the Student Information System (SIS) [10].

Check Advanced Standing Credits [1]

Some students may be granted advanced standing credits [4] for the study they have previously undertaken in other institutions (e.g. IB, GCE A-level, community college, overseas university). These credits may enable you to shorten your study. Inquire with your Faculty if you have doubts.

Know your Teachers, Faculty Office and Campus Resources [1]

You should join the Induction programme (link to CEDARS’ summary of orientation programme page) organized by your Faculty which introduces you to your teachers and provides you with important information about your curriculum.

Make sure that you know the campus resources available to support your learning:

Adapt Learning Strategies [1]

To have a fruitful and successful education experience, you must recognise that study in University [19] is very different from that of secondary school. Familiarise yourself with new terms and concepts [20] that are commonly referred to in the University.

There is no shortcut to academic success. However, there are some useful skills and tips [19] that would definitely help you to study in a smart way.

Horizons - Explore Beyond Hong Kong [1]

13. Apart from extra-curricular activities, broaden your horizon by engaging in one Mainland and one international learning experience before you graduate. Visit HKU Horizons [21] for more details.

Be Positive [1]

It is normal to experience some hiccups during the transition to University. Get ready for new challenges with a POSITIVE mindset. Each problem is a learning opportunity in disguise. Advisers are all around for you to seek support.

Advisers are all around for you to seek support.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

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