Learning Support and Resources Provided by CEDARS

Learning Support and Resources Provided by CEDARS

Learning Support and Resources Provided by CEDARS

  • 1. “Study Smart” series

    This is a set of e-learning slides on topics related to generic study skills and learning strategies, such as time management, goal-setting, study skills, note-taking, exam stress, concentration, memory.

  • 2. On-line Self-Help Resources

    This is a website with links to all types of self-help information on university adjustment, study skills, relationship issues, and mental health education. These are selected for the university student population. Some of these are in Chinese and most of these are in English.

  • 3. Person Enrichment Workshops

    CEDARS-CoPE organizes Person Enrichment Workshops for students throughout the academic year. The major focus areas are intellectual excellence, social proficiency and emotional competency. The size of the workshop is usually for 15-20 students from all faculties.

  • 4. Psychometer

    This is the one-stop on-line self-assessment tools to help students better understand themselves, e.g. personality, strengths, stress, learning, adjustment. Students can do these tests at their own time and place, and will get immediate results and self-help suggestions. Privacy is assured.

  • 5. Peer English Tutoring

    This is a joint project between CEDARS and the Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES) where students can book an appointment with a Peer Tutor to practice English conversation.

  • 6. Survival Cantonese

    Survival Cantonese, organised by CEDARS and the Chinese Language Centre, aims to provide an opportunity for non-local students to practice basic Cantonese, so that they can better adjust to the life in Hong Kong. It also serves as a platform for peer learning and cultural exchange.