SEN Support for Students with Disabilities

SEN Support for Students with Disabilities

SEN Support for Students with Disabilities

SEN Support under Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) is the one-stop service unit for students with special educational needs (SEN) / disabilities, such as:

  • Physical and sensory disabilities
  • Learning and developmental disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism)
  • Mental illnesses
  • Chronic medical illnesses or visceral disabilities
  • Multiple disabilities

To overcome barriers and facilitate students to achieve successful university education, SEN Support provides the following services:

  • Information on campus facilities
  • Learning aids / equipment
  • Funding resources
  • Employment preparation
  • Special examination arrangements
  • Volunteer / buddy support
  • Study skills coaching
  • And more …

When Faculty Advisers identify students with SEN / disabilities, they can encourage the students to contact SEN Support at CEDARS. Students can approach the service directly or declare their disabilities through the Student Information System. Colleagues of SEN Support will invite these students to attend a needs assessment meeting. The impact of their disabilities will be reviewed and an individual support plan will be discussed.

To ensure reasonable adjustment or accommodation, students are required to provide relevant and updated supporting documentation on their disability conditions and special needs to substantiate their requests. A Letter of “Recommendations on Reasonable Accommodations / Adjustments” will be issued to students who need special arrangements for their classes, examination, or assignments (e.g. additional time for assessment, use of computer, learning aids and equipment, etc.). With their consent, this letter will be sent to the respective Faculty and Examinations Office for approval and implementation.


Phone: 3917-8388