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Faculty Academic Advising and First Year Experience Coordinators and Administrators

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Faculty Academic Advising and First Year Experience Co-ordinators

Faculty Name Email
Faculty of Architecture Ms. Vincci Mak wsvmak@hku.hk [1]
Faculty of Arts Dr. Gang Song songg@hku.hk [2]
Faculty of Business and Economics Dr. Derek Chan derekchan@business.hku.hk [3]
Faculty of Dentistry Dr. James Tsoi jkhtsoi@hku.hk [4]
Faculty of Education Dr. Benjamin Moorhouse benmoorh@hku.hk [5]
Faculty of Engineering Prof. Edmund Lam elam@eee.hku.hk [6]
Faculty of Law Ms. Karen Kong kykong@hku.hk [7]
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Prof. Julian Alexander Tanner jatanner@hku.hk [8]
Faculty of Science Dr. Eddy Lam hrntlmf@hku.hk [9]
Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Lucy Jordan jordanlp@hku.hk [10]

Faculty Academic Advising and First Year Experience Administrators

Faculty Name Email
Faculty of Architecture Mr. Ivan Wong iwongarc@hku.hk [11]
Faculty of Arts Ms. Nicole Wong nicolewg@hku.hk [12]
Faculty of Business and Economics Ms. Sasha Ng sashang@hku.hk [13]
Faculty of Dentistry Ms. Joyce Chan jpschan@hku.hk [14]
Faculty of Education Ms. Ryan Chan ryancsk@hku.hk [15]
Faculty of Engineering Ms. Sharon Chui snychui@hku.hk [16]
Faculty of Law Ms. Pamela Tam ystam@hku.hk [17]
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Ms. Stefani Lau stefl@hku.hk [18]
Faculty of Science Ms. Susan Leong suleong@hku.hk [19]
Faculty of Social Sciences Ms. Grace Chan
Ms. Phoebe Kan
gracechy@hku.hk [20]
phoebeka@hku.hk [21]

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[1] wsvmak@hku.hk : mailto:wsvmak@hku.hk

[2] songg@hku.hk: mailto:songg@hku.hk

[3] derekchan@business.hku.hk: mailto:derekchan@business.hku.hk

[4] jkhtsoi@hku.hk: mailto:jkhtsoi@hku.hk

[5] benmoorh@hku.hk: mailto:benmoorh@hku.hk

[6] elam@eee.hku.hk: mailto:elam@eee.hku.hk

[7] kykong@hku.hk: mailto:kykong@hku.hk

[8] jatanner@hku.hk: mailto:jatanner@hku.hk

[9] hrntlmf@hku.hk: mailto:hrntlmf@hku.hk

[10] jordanlp@hku.hk: mailto:jordanlp@hku.hk

[11] iwongarc@hku.hk: mailto:iwongarc@hku.hk

[12] nicolewg@hku.hk: mailto:nicolewg@hku.hk

[13] sashang@hku.hk: mailto:sashang@hku.hk

[14] jpschan@hku.hk: mailto:jpschan@hku.hk

[15] ryancsk@hku.hk: mailto:ryancsk@hku.hk

[16] snychui@hku.hk: mailto:snychui@hku.hk

[17] ystam@hku.hk: mailto:ystam@hku.hk

[18] stefl@hku.hk: mailto:stefl@hku.hk

[19] suleong@hku.hk: mailto:suleong@hku.hk

[20] gracechy@hku.hk: mailto:gracechy@hku.hk

[21] phoebeka@hku.hk: mailto:phoebeka@hku.hk

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