If a student’s academic performance is poor, he / she may be required to discontinue his / her studies.

In general, students will be recommended for discontinuation of their studies if they have:

  1. failed to complete successfully 36 or more credits in two consecutive semesters (not including the summer semester), except where they are not required to take such a number of credits in the two given semesters, or
  2. failed to achieve an average Semester GPAof 1.0 or higher for two consecutive semesters (not including the summer semester), or
  3. exceeded the maximum period of registration specified in the regulations of the degree.

Some programmes have additional criteria for discontinuation of studies. You should refer to the degree regulations of your programme.

Students recommended for discontinuation will be given the opportunity to appeal to the Faculty Review Committee on Student Performance and Discontinuation, and the Committee on Discontinuation (CoD). The decision of CoD is final.