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Message from the Academic Advising Office

The University values the academic contributions and diverse talents that you bring to the campus community. Hopefully, you are acclimating to life in Hong Kong and your studies at HKU. In order to support your academic adjustment, you are encouraged to discuss your academic plan with your Faculty Academic Adviser, or an AAO adviser.


Who we are?

The AAO team consists of experienced staff who provide guidance on academic goal-setting and exploration of academic opportunities. Our team includes both local and international staff able to address a wide variety of academic adjustment issues.

What we can help you with?

  • Adjustment to university life at HKU
  • Development of study plan
  • Guidance on degree requirements, academic regulations and procedures
  • Information about cross-Faculty learning opportunities
  • Attend to academic areas of weakness
  • Clarification of educational and career goals
  • Plan for postgraduate studies
  • Exploration of additional campus resources to enhance academic career

How you can make an appointment?

Room 07-08, Upper Ground Floor, Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong

Academic Advising Office

You can schedule an individual appointment with us in person, by phone at 2219 4686 or email at

Plan ahead. Get ahead.

Wishing you a Superpass!


Wishing you a Superpass!

Wishing you a Superpass!

From Academic Advising Office

Academic Advising Professional Development Workshop (Dec 6-7, 2011)


Academic Advising Professional Development Workshop
December 6-7, 2011

  • What does good academic advising look like?
  • Why is advising considered an extension of teaching?
  • How do I empower students to be well-informed decision makers?
  • What are the major issues in academic advising on campus?
  • And many more discussion topics with practical case studies …

This development workshop is designed for teaching staff who are engaged or interested in learning more about academic advising.

The workshop will be conducted by Professor Avis Hinkson, Dean of Barnard College, Columbia University. Professor Hinkson served as the Director of Undergraduate Advising at the University of California-Berkeley for six years before joining Columbia. She had orchestrated the academic advising of over 18,000 undergraduate liberal arts students at Berkeley.

Date: December 6, 2011 (Tuesday) December 7, 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Venue: KB110, Knowles Building RR321, Run Run Shaw Building
Speaker: Prof. Avis Hinkson, Dean of Barnard College, Columbia University
Registration: Click here Click here

There will be interactive discussion and case studies to illustrate major issues in academic advising on campus. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Advising for first-year and senior students;
  • Developmental advising versus prescriptive advising;
  • Advising versus counselling;
  • Ethical and legal issues in advising;
  • Cultural competencies, gender dynamics and generational differences;
  • How to make the best use of student advisers

ALL Faculty Colleagues are Welcome!
(particularly those who were not able to join our June 2011 sessions)

For enquiries, please contact Mr Nelson Chau at 2219 4681 or Ms Wendy Yau at 2219 4685.

To learn more about our previous workshops in June 2011, please visit here.

Postgraduate Studies Workshop (Nov 2011)


Postgraduate Studies: Is it for me?
If so, when and where?

  • Do I have the academic skills to be successful in graduate school?
  • Is a graduate degree required for my professional plans?
  • Would I benefit by gaining work experience before pursuing graduate school?
  • How should I research my graduate school options?

This workshop will be held by the Academic Advising Office and is designed for senior year students in any faculty who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies.

Highlights of the workshop include:

  • critically reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of postgraduate studies
  • exploring timelines and choices for postgraduate studies
  • knowing what HKU can offer
Date: 10 November 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Venue: Meng Wah Complex T7
Speaker: Dr Amy Lewis, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office

ALL are Welcome!

Click here to register

The Academic Advising Office (AAO) is staffed with an academic adviser and experienced administrators to guide students through academic planning. Academic advising is a developmental process in which students are provided with support in clarifying their academic, career and life goals, developing plans to achieve these goals, and evaluating their own progress. Students are welcome to make appointment with advisers in the AAO for one-on-one advice. To learn more about the service of AAO, please visit

Taught Postgraduate Admission
Guide To Application For Admission (MPhil and PhD Studies) at HKU

First Year Seminar – Building Academic Success I



To: All first year undergraduate students

The First Year Seminar – Building Academic Success I

  • How can I get good grades and a good GPA?
  • What is academic success? What are the benchmarks in HKU and in the world?
  • What can I do if my first year results are not good?
  • Why were some students discontinued from their studies? Is there something we can learn from their experiences and do something to prevent this from happening to me?

Join the First Year Seminar – Building Academic Success I (course code: Ind006 of the CEDARS Induction Programmes 2011) if you wish to hear advices from Prof Anthony Yeh (Chairman of the Committee on Discontinuation), Prof Bennett Yim (Professor of the Faculty of Business and Economics) and Dr Otto Heim (Head of School of English) on the above questions. We have also invited several senior students to share with you their own experiences and tips on studying and making the best out of your university life.

The details of the Seminar are as follow:
Date: September 9, 2011 (Friday)
Time: 5:05 pm – 6:30 pm
Venue: Rayson Huang Theatre
(located between the Run Run Shaw Building and the Runme Shaw Building)

The responses from students on the seminar have been overwhelming, so act fast and enroll now before it is full by clicking here.

For those who have already enrolled in the seminar, please note that the event will be held in the Rayson Huang Theatre (instead of Theatre 6 of the Meng Wah Complex). The venues of the other First-year seminars on Sept 14 (Building Academic Success II) and Sept 16 (Planning your Goal-directed Time Management Strategy) will remain unchanged at Theatre 6, Meng Wah Complex.

Academic Advising Office

Pathfinding: Exhibition on Learning Opportunities at HKU

Dear Students,

Orientate for a Smooth Start!
Pathfinding: Exhibition on Learning Opportunities at HKU
on September 6-7, 2011

A big welcome back after a long summer vacation! For those students who just join HKU this year, a hearty welcome on board! We hope all of you are now refreshed and re-energized to meet the new challenges in the coming year!

Semester start is always exciting – new courses, new professors and probably new classmates and hall mates. To help you find your way ahead and to introduce you to the variety of learning opportunities available at the University, the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) and the Academic Advising Office (AAO) will jointly organise the following event next week:

Activity: Pathfinding: Exhibition on Learning Opportunities at HKU
Date: September 6-7, 2011 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Time: 12:00 noon – 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Sun Yat-sen Place

Different faculties and supporting units will showcase exciting learning opportunities available at HKU both inside and outside the classroom. We hope that you will get a better idea of how to plan your University life and know where to go for assistance should you need it.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Exhibition. Do come and join us and get our special gift!


Academic Advising Office (AAO)
Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)

The Opening of the Academic Advising Office


The Opening of the Academic Advising Office

The Academic Advising Office is officially opened on September 1, 2011. Contact us at

Address: Room 07-08, Upper Ground Floor, Knowles Building, HKU
Phone: 2219 4686

Do visit us and let us know if we can be of service to you !

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