A Quick Advising Guide to Major/Minor Selection and Planning Tools

With the chance to enrol for courses of their potential major/minor during the upcoming Add-Drop period in semester 2, some students may contact you for advice on how to make a suitable study choice. Here are some useful information and tools for major minor advising.

  1. Topics on major minor selection
  2. Top FAQs asked by students
  3. Planning tools for major minor selection

Topics on Major Minor Selection

When guiding your advisees, you may check if they have taken actions in the following areas to make a well-considered choice.

  1. Have they reflected on their interests, strengths and goals?
  2. Are they aware of available major minor options?
  3. How well they know about the majors / minors?
  4. Do they know the implication of their choices on studies?

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Common Questions Asked about Major Minor Selection

  1. Is there any “invincible” major minor combination?
  2. What are the academic requirements for declaring a specific major/minor?
  3. Can I change major/ minor later? How many times can I change it?
  4. Would employers consider job applicants with double majors (or triple majors) as more competent?
  5. If I have a major and a minor in two very different fields, would employer question my clarity of goals?

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Planning Tools for Major Minor Selection

Your advisees can make use of the following tools and platforms for seeking peer advice and study planning.

  • AAO database of student advisers in different majors/ minors
  • AAO academic planning sheet
  • “What If” function in Degree Audit
  • Seeking further advice from Temporary Academic Adviser (TAA) and AAO Academic Advisers

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Major Minor Week 2021

AAO will host a talk on studies and career and Faculty-based sharing sessions on ZOOM between Jan 25 (Monday) and Jan 29 (Friday). Through the events, your advisees can attain a better understanding on the relationship between studies and career, and raise their questions with relevant Faculty administrative staff and senior students for advice. Click here for programme details and registration.