Enrich Your University Life

6. Enrich Your University Life

Seize the time in university to try something new. Consider gaining different experiences to enrich your university life, for example, joining HKU Mentorship Programme, getting involved in running student societies or becoming a university ambassador. Diversifying your exposure and honing your soft skills will make you more competitive. According to career advisers at CEDARS, GPA is not the only thing employers look for.

Is the GPA the Most Important?

GPA is only one of the many aspects employers look at during the screening process, although some do use the GPA to do initial screening if they have too many applications to handle. It is not the figure that matters, but how it reflects a student as a potential employee – good GPA reflects effective time management and self-discipline, especially if they have also joined many other activities.

What Do Employers Look for in Fresh Graduates?

Apart from the GPA, employers look for technical skills, relevant knowledge (hard skills), and soft skills in candidates when making hiring decision. According to a recent survey**, the top 10 qualities (soft or transferable skills) that they look for in fresh graduates are: (i) Reliability; (ii) Responsibility; (iii) Communication skills; (iv) Positive attitude; (v) Team work; (vi) Problem solving; (vii) Work ethic; (viii) Adaptability; (ix) Dedication; and (x) Integrity.