Plan for study abroad

5. Plan for study abroad

Studying abroad can surely broaden your horizons! There are 4 main options for studying abroad:

  1. Exchange Programmes (HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme (HKUWWW) through the International Affairs Office (IAO)/Faculty-level exchange programme)
  2. Worldwide Plus Visiting Programmes
  3. Short-term Abroad Partnerships
  4. Short-term Abroad Opportunities

You can get many useful information from the Study Abroad Fair and briefing sessions organized by IAO, which are usually conducted in September each year. Take a look at IAO’s events and calendar to get a rough idea of the approximate dates. Also check the courses offered by the host institutions and plan for credit transfer. Feeling a bit confused? Take time to look at the 3-minute online briefing for exchange prepared by AAO.