Prepare for graduation: postgraduate studies or work

4. Prepare for graduation: postgraduate studies or work

With one more year to graduate, it is time to plan for your future. Would you pursue postgraduate studies or work? Study first and work later? Work first and study later? What to study? What field to work in? Discuss your ideas with teachers, academic/careers adviser, fellow PG students or alumni – they are your “resource persons”!

  1. Postgraduate studies – PG studies is a huge investment. Read the AAO worksheet “Is Postgraduate Study Right for Me?” to get an idea about the different PG programmes, what are involved and how to get started. Make good use of your penultimate year to research properly, practice graduate admission tests, check test dates and plan ahead.
  2. Work – Choosing a career means more than finding a means of making a living. It is an important decision that shapes your future. Don’t wait until the final year! Attend career fairs and recruitment talks organized by your Faculty/Department/CEDARS to gather information and assess your suitability for different careers. Spare time to practice different aptitude tests. Moreover, you can find out where your seniors went after graduation from CEDARS’ graduate employment survey reports.