Continue to use “Degree Audit” to monitor your progress

1. Continue to use “Degree Audit” to monitor your progress

Are you on track towards completion of your Programme/Major/ Minor requirements? If you are not sure, run the Degree Audit in SIS now. Degree Audit is a tool to track your progress. It will match your enrollment records against your degree and declared major(s)/ minor(s) requirements — what have been fulfilled, what are in progress and what are still outstanding. Seek clarification early with the Faculty and/or Department if in doubt. You can still make changes to your course enrollment during the Add/Drop period in Semester 2.

In case you are considering a further change to your Major/Minor subjects, run a “What If” analysis in SIS to see how the switch may impact on your course selection and study progress. For further enquiries, please contact: 3917 0123 /