Year One Tips


  • Register for courses – You are required to register for courses for BOTH semesters in the August registration. However, summer courses can only be registered during the Add / Drop period in Semester 2. Don’t miss the enrollment periods! Not sure about how to do it? Read the tips we prepared for you!
  • Don’t commit plagiarism – Plagiarism is defined as the unacknowledged use, as one’s own, of work of another person, whether or not such work has been published. It is a very serious academic offence and the University does not allow or tolerate plagiarism. Learn more about it
  • Make your own study plan – Don’t blindly follow advice from your peers whose circumstances may differ from yours. There is no “one-size-fit-all” thing in University. Find your own purpose, study method and style.
  • Find out requirements for your desired major – Some programmes have a selection process for the primary major (e.g. BEng, Business Design and Innovation of BBA). You may need to devise a Plan B (i.e., what courses to take in year 1 in case you are not accepted by your desired major in year 2).