Devise your academic and study abroad plan

5. Devise your academic and study abroad plan

Although you are only a first-year student, it is important for you to develop an overall academic study plan over your whole study period NOW. You need to have an overall picture of how to fit in the different opportunities to your study plan. You may consider study abroad, internship, service learning, undergraduate research etc. Check with your FAA in case of doubt.

You may also need to plan how to spend your first summer in HKU. To enrich your experience during university life, you may enroll for summer abroad programme, or join a service trip, or find a summer job. Start to think about it now. AAO has an academic planning sheet to guide you, download it here.

Alternatively, to help you plan courses, our new E-Academic Planner provides a super-easy way to help you find courses, make a study plan and calculate credits semester by semester. However, please note that it CANNOT check course offering, time clashes and pre-requisite requirements etc. Please always refer to the course details from the programme syllabus and the SIS system while you plan.