This discussion forum on Moodle is designed for all HKU undergraduate students to exchange your ideas and experience throughout your study journey. With the active participation of all of you, Student Advisers, AAO Friends (student ambassadors) and AAO Advisers, we are sure you would find useful ideas and suggestions for your doubt here!

How to access the Academic Advising Forum?

For Year 1 students admitted in 2020-21:

You will be automatically subscribed to the Forum. It can be accessed via HKU Portal > “My eLearning” tab > Click link to access course (see the screen capture below).

For Year 2 or above students:

Go to, click “Enrol Me” (see the screen capture below)

How to create a post on the Forum?

  1. Click into the subpage for the specific study topics:
    a. “Discussion Posts on Major/ Minor Selection”
    b. “Discussion Posts on Study Planning / Study Abroad / Internship”
    c. “Discussion Posts on Exam Preparation / Assessment Options”
    d. “Discussion Posts on Other Topics”
  2. Click “Add a new discussion topic” to post your questions
  3. Fill in the “Subject” and “Message”
  4. Click “Post to forum” and create your post!

You can also feel free to reply the discussion posts of the others!