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Please meet with Your Faculty Academic Adviser 請約見你的FAA




Dear Student,

Please Meet With Your Faculty Academic Adviser

Time flies! The Reading Week is already over and you might now be busy with your mid-terms and assignments. However, do not miss the meeting with your FAA as it is important to review your progress and get ready for the forthcoming exams. To ensure that you are doing well with your studies and that you are also aware of the academic choices available to you under the curriculum, we encourage all of you in Year 1 to meet with your FAA at least once before this semester concludes. If you do not have the contact information of your FAA, please click HERE. You can also contact us at 3917 0128 or email us at should you have any query.

If you have already met with your FAA in this semester, please disregard this message. Thank you.

Academic Advising Office



請約見你的Faculty Academic Adviser

Reading Week轉眼已經結束,你或許正忙於應付mid-terms或其他各式各樣的assignments。無論你怎樣忙碌,也是時候跟你的Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA)見見面,檢視一下自己的學習情況,為到即將來臨的考試作好準備。為確保每位同學的學習進度良好,並清楚自己在現行學制下的不同選擇,我們鼓勵每位一年級的新同學在這個學期結束前至少約見你們的FAA 一次。如不清楚FAA的通訊資料,請按這裏。若有什麼問題,歡迎隨時跟我們聯絡,電話︰3917 0128,電郵︰