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Semester Wrap up and Exam Preparation



Dear Students,

Semester Wrap up and Exam Preparation

Time flies and there are only a few days left before this semester concludes. To help you prepare for the coming exam, we would like to offer you three pieces of practical tips:

  • iconSeek Personalized Advice
    If you have any concerns or issues regarding your exam preparation or final assignment (OR, if you have not met with your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) in this semester yet), please contact your FAA as soon as possible for a meeting. You can get the contacts of your FAA at:
  • iconLook at AAO’s 3-Minute Online Orientation on Effective Exam Preparation
    Take a quick look at our “3-minute Exam Prep Tips” It is a good way to remind yourself of how to develop your revision plan, how to revise smart (such as taking reference to past exam papers, how to cope with exam stress, etc.
  • iconTake the Advice of Your Student Advisers
    Feeling stressed out already? Let’s hear how the senior students survived their exams! Video

Study hard but don’t forget to eat and rest well! Good luck and have a Super Pass!

With best wishes,
Academic Advising Office

Advising “Chat and Share”


Advising “Chat and Share”

Date: 15th May 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 12:30 to 2:00 pm
Venue: Room 321, Run Run Shaw Building, Main Campus

*Drinks and sandwiches will be provided.
As the semester draws to a close, it is a good time for advisers to gather and share our advising experience in a more relaxed manner.

What can I get?

The AAO “Chat and Share” workshop is specially designed to further develop our advising capability through:

  • A review of REAL student advising scenarios that happen day-to-day
  • Casual sharing on different approaches that may work (As always, there is no single answer to every problem!)
  • Sharing by colleagues from residential hall and different offices to gain new knowledge on advising hall life/study balance and integration-related issues encountered by local and non-local students
  • Sharing by experienced academic colleagues on supporting underperformed students
  • Hearing senior students’ advising experience to enhance advisee engagement skills

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed for all Faculty Academic Advisers, teachers and administrators who support undergraduate students.

Who will speak and share?

  • Experienced Faculty Academic Advisers:
    • Professor WK Chan, Department of Chemistry
    • Dr. Gary J Harfitt, Faculty of Education
    • Dr. Jetty C Y Lee, School of Biological Sciences
  • Mrs. Sylvia Wong, Director, Campus Life Section, CEDARS
  • Dr. Henry Lau, Warden, University Hall
  • Ms. Rachel Hong, Acting Head, Academic Advising Office
  • Senior students – Mr. Edwards Jia (FBE) and Mr. Monty Law (Faculty of Arts)

How to register?

Please click HERE for registration