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When Major Meets Minor Fair 2017-18

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To provide a platform for students to explore the available major/minor options at HKU, the Academic Advising Office held its sixth “When Major Meets Minor Fair” at the Ground Floor of the Chi Wah Learning Commons on 18 January 2018, Thursday, with the participation of students across different Faculties.

AAO Advisers, Careers Advisers and administrators from the Faculties of Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Science, Social Sciences were there to attend to students’ enquiries. A joint talk with CEDARS (Careers & Placement), entitled “Your Studies and Career: What to Consider”, was held on-day to help students understand more about the relationship between studies and career, employment destinations of graduates from different majors and the factors/steps they need to consider when selecting major/minors. A pre-Fair peer sharing session called “How Seniors Chose Their Major/Minor” was also held on January 17 as a prelude, providing Year 1 and Year 2 students a chance to hear the first-hand experience of their seniors.

AAO has recently developed an academic roadmap to help students navigate their studies more easily and smoothly (https://aao.hku.hk/roadmap [1]). This roadmap made its first appearance to students during the Fair and was very well-received. Many students couldn’t wait to explore the many “bus stops” on the roadmap with their fingertips.

Missed the Fair?

No worries. If you have questions regarding your major/minor selection, you can:

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