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“Meet and Chat” for Study Success – Specially Designed for Direct Admission Year 3 Students

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“Meet and Chat” for Study Success
- Specially Designed for Direct Admission Year 3 Students -

You have worked very hard to win this well-deserved place to study at HKU. Lying ahead are precious opportunities for you to learn, experience and grow. To help you achieve the most of your university studies, the Academic Advising Office (AAO) is organizing a “Meet and Chat” session tailor-made for new DAS students. You are strongly encouraged to join it.

When & Where?
Date: August 1, 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Venue: Convocation Room (MB218), Main Building, Main Campus, HKU

Who is it for?
All new Direct Admission (DAS) Year 3 students

Who will speak?

  • Ms Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office
  • Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Director of Common Core
  • A panel of senior students admitted through DAS

Why you should attend?

  • to become familiarized with regulations, procedures and skills essential to navigate the university study
  • to understand the essence of Common Core courses for a successful learning experience
  • to get an “Academic Planning Sheet” and information of different study support and resources on campus
  • to hear the experience shared by other senior DAS students from various Faculties
  • to meet and connect with other new students

How to register?
Click here to register [1]


Miss Jenny Cheng (Email: aaoffice@hku.hk ; Telephone: 2219 4686)

Special Notes to Students with Conditional Offers
For DAS students who have accepted a conditional offer of admission but whose latest/final examinations are not yet released (i.e. pending confirmation if the conditions of offer are met or not), you are also invited to join this workshop. However, this invitation shall not be interpreted as waiving the conditions of offer, revising the conditions of offer and/or admission as a student of the University. Your conditional offer of admission will be confirmed only after you have sent and uploaded the required results for checking and confirming that you have met the conditions of offer. Formal registration with the University is subject to the submission and the verification of all the required original / official documents to the satisfaction of the University.

Faculty Academic Advising Coordinators and Administrators

Faculty Academic Advising Co-ordinators

Faculty Name Email
Faculty of Architecture Mr. Renato Garcia rjgarcia@hku.hk [2]
Faculty of Arts Dr. Gang Song songg@hku.hk [3]
Faculty of Business and Economics Dr. Tao Lin tlin@hku.hk [4]
Faculty of Dentistry Dr. James Tsoi jkhtsoi@hku.hk [5]
Faculty of Education Dr. Jessica Leung leungscj@hku.hk [6]
Faculty of Engineering Prof. George Tham hrectlg@hku.hk [7]
Faculty of Law Ms. Karen Kong kykong@hku.hk [8]
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Dr. Raymond Tsang gordon@hku.hk [9]
Faculty of Science Dr. Francis Ling ccling@hku.hk [10]
Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Travis Kong travisk@hku.hk [11]

Faculty Academic Advising Administrators

Faculty Name Email
Faculty of Architecture Mr. Ivan Wong iwongarc@hku.hk [12]
Faculty of Arts Ms. Mandy Leung lmkmandy@hku.hk [13]
Faculty of Business and Economics Ms. Wella Yu wella@hku.hk [14]
Faculty of Dentistry Ms. Joyce Chan jpschan@hku.hk [15]
Faculty of Education Ms. Ryan Chan ryancsk@hku.hk [16]
Faculty of Engineering Ms. Sharon Chui snychui@hku.hk [17]
Faculty of Law Ms. Pamela Tam ystam@hku.hk [18]
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Ms. Stefani Lau stefl@hku.hk [19]
Faculty of Science Ms. June Tse junetse@hku.hk [20]
Faculty of Social Sciences Ms. Vanessa Sit vansit@hku.hk [21]

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[4] tlin@hku.hk: mailto:tlin@hku.hk

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