“Chat and Share” (May 2017)

Advising “Chat and Share” (May 2017)

Workshop Highlights

As the semester draws to a close, we held a sharing session titled “Advising ‘Chat and Share’” on May 8, 2017 to let colleagues share their advising experience in a more relaxed manner.

Different real student advising scenarios were presented at the workshop, covering a wide range of issues which might affect students’ academic pursuits. Participant discussion was invigorating which had successfully brought forth some new ideas and ways of advancing academic advising in the future.

Veteran academic advisers from Faculties and colleagues from CEDARS were invited to share their expertise and views in the workshop. They included: Dr. Julia Kuehn, Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Arts, and Chair, Academic Advising Committee; Dr. Anthony Tam, Academic Adviser, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering; Miss Nicole Tavares, Senior Lecturer, Division of English Language Education, Faculty of Education; Ms. Jaime Fung, Director, Careers and Placement, CEDARS and Ms. Linda Yeung, Acting Director, Counselling and Person Enrichment, CEDARS.

The sharing session was well-attended, with the participation of teachers and administrators across different Faculties and University units.

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