Tips of April: Semester Wrap up and Exam Preparation



Dear Students,

Tips of April: Semester Wrap up and Exam Preparation

There are only a few weeks left before this semester comes to an end. To help you prepare for the coming exam, we would like to offer you three practical “goodies”:

  • iconA Chance to Seek Personalized Advice
    If you have any concerns or issues regarding your exam preparation or final assignment, please contact your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) as soon as possible for a meeting.
  • iconA 3-Minute Online Orientation on Effective Exam Preparation
    Take a quick look at our “3-minute Exam Prep Tips” It is a good way to remind yourself of how to develop your revision plan, how to revise smart (such as taking reference to past exam papers, how to cope with exam stress , etc.
  • iconA List of Tips from Your Student Advisers
    Feeling stressed out already? Let’s hear how the senior students survived their exams! Video

Study hard but don’t forget to eat and rest well! Good luck and have a Super Pass!

With best wishes,
Academic Advising Office