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WORKSHOPS: How to Prepare for a Successful Scholarship Application and Interview



WORKSHOPS: How to Prepare for a Successful Scholarship Application and Interview

Scholarships are awarded in recognition of students’ academic excellence, as well as their achievement and passion to contribute back to society. Apart from financial support, many awards also provide enrichment opportunities to help students realize their potentials or to enhance their credentials for future studies and career pursuits.

The AAO Scholarship Workshops will help you prepare more effectively for your next scholarship application!

Audience: All undergraduate students

What you will learn:

  • Tips to prepare an effective scholarship application (e.g. application form and personal statement)
  • What the interviewers are looking for
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • How to present your strengths and address difficult questions

WORKSHOP 1: Present Your Best in Scholarship Applications

April 7 (Thursday), 6 – 7 pm, Library Extension 6

In this workshop, you will learn how to search for scholarship openings and the essentials of preparing a good application. Practical advice will be given on how to avoid some common mistakes made by past applicants. The same principles and techniques are applicable in internship applications.

  • Ms. Kitty Wong, Director, Scholarships Office, HKU
  • Ms. Henrietta Chan, Senior Manager, Scholarships Office, HKU
  • Ms. Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office, HKU

WORKSHOP 2: Mastering Scholarship Interview Skills

April 14 (Thursday), 6 – 7 pm, KK 102, K.K. Leung Building

In workshop 2, a selected candidate will be on stage to interact directly with the panel of interviewers in a mock interview. To illustrate different interviewing approaches, the interviewers will also pick other workshop participants from the audience to answer questions and immediate feedback will be given (For those who are interested in the on-stage mock interview, please send us your resume by 5 April).

  • Professor Patrick Y. K. Chau, Director of the School of Business, HKU
    Experienced panelist in undergraduate scholarship interviews
  • Dr. Vera S. Yip, Faculty of Medicine, HKU
    Seasoned interviewer in various scholarship selection panels
  • Ms. Katherine Wan, Head, Academic Advising Office, HKU
  • Ms. Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office, HKU

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Tips of March: Study smartly to prepare for your mid-terms




Dear Students,

Enjoying your Reading Week ? We hope you have play hard and work hard during the Reading Week. Here are some tips from our student advisers …

Best regards,

Academic Advising Office

Tips of February: Another Semester for Learning




Dear Students,

It has been over a month into this semester. How well have you been learning inside and outside classroom? To make the most out of your learning opportunities, learn the “tricks” from the student advisers !:

All the best,

Academic Advising Office

Greetings from the Academic Advising Office







  • 如何適應大學生活
  • 如何訂定學習計劃
  • 如何訂立學業目標
  • 如何規劃研究院學習
  • 如何處理學習困難
  • 如何善用大學資源以提升學習能力
  • 有關畢業要求、學務規則與相關程序的諮詢
  • 有關跨學院學習的諮詢

電話︰2219 4686






Welcome back to campus after the Lunar New Year holidays!
How well are you coping with your studies? Is everything on the right track? Are you fulfilling your study goals? If you have any issues of concerns regarding your studies, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help.

What is Academic Advising

Academic advising is a developmental process in which you are empowered to think critically, explore available academic options, and take personal responsibility for goal-setting and decision-making with the guidance of your teachers and academic advisers.

What we can help you with

The team at the Academic Advising Office (AAO) consists of seasoned academic advisers and experienced administrators who are ready to help. Service includes:

  • Adjustment to university studies
  • Development of study plan
  • Clarification of educational goals
  • Information about cross-Faculty learning opportunities
  • Plan for postgraduate studies
  • Attend to academic areas of weakness
  • Guidance on degree requirements, academic regulations and procedures
  • Referral of campus resources to enhance academic experience

Contact us
Address: UG 07, Knowles Building
Telephone: 2219 4686

You can schedule an individual appointment with an AAO academic adviser in person, by phone, by email or by online booking.

Common Myths on Academic Advising


Common Myths on Academic Advising

Dear Student,

Welcome back to the campus after the Lunar New Year holidays! The start of a new semester is always a good time to meet your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) to review your academic progress. Don’t forget to meet your FAA(s) at least once every semester in your first year of study, regardless of whether you have already met him/her in the previous semester. Your FAA(s) will surely give you professional advice on your study matters.

Don’t sit back and fall victim of the common myths about academic advising, reach out to your FAA today.

Myth 1

Academic advising is for the student with a low GPA.

Advising is not solely for students who have difficulties in studies. Even academically able students need guidance on matters like deciding on exchange opportunities, choosing a suitable majors and minors or planning for postgraduate studies. If in case you do have questions about how to improve your academic performance, your FAA can always give you tips and advice.

Myth 2

I did not contact my FAA in the first semester, therefore I better not approach my FAA now as he / she may already have a bad impression.

The old saying is “better late than never”. Your FAA is there to help and guide you and to review your progress, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or nervous to contact him / her. They are friendly and approachable.

Myth 3

Meeting with my FAA in a formal setting is intimidating. I don’t know what to talk about…

Although meeting with your FAA might not be as fun as chatting with friends, it does not have to be intimidating. Your FAA has been specifically assigned to help you adjust to the University and to guide you through your studies, such as how to develop study plan and select major/ minor, how to improve study skills, how to plan for exchange, internship, etc.


So, take action NOW! Make an appointment to see your FAAs as soon as you can!

Academic Advising Office

When Major Meets Minor Fair 2015-16

On 21 January 2016, Thursday, the Academic Advising Office held its fourth “When Major Meets Minor Fair” at the Ground Floor of the Chi Wah Learning Commons, with the participation of around 300 students across Faculties.

Who was the Fair for?

All undergraduate students

What was the Fair for ?

For exploring different major and minor options available at the University

Who did students meet in the Fair?
  • Advisers from the Academic Advising Office
  • Administrators across 8 Faculties
  • Careers Advisers from CEDARS (Careers & Placement)
  • Student Advisers
What did students get from the Fair?

Information on specific major/minor options:
The talk entitled “Choose a Major and Plan Your Career”, conducted by AAO Academic Adviser and Careers Adviser from CEDARS (Careers & Placement), was held during the Fair. The speakers shared with 80 students across Faculties the relationship between career planning and major / minor selection and important steps to take in making an informed study decision.

Advice from Administrators:
Administrators from 8 Faculties were there to answer students’ questions regarding regulations and procedures; representatives from CEDARS (Careers and Placement) also stationed on site to advise students on employment destinations of graduates from different faculties and career options .

Peer Advice:
Student representatives, including Faculty Student Advisers, not only helped out in the Fair but also shared their first-hand experience in major / minor selection with peers.

Missed the Fair?

No worries. Click here to download the presentation slides of the Talk.

If you have questions regarding your major / minor selection , you can:

Photo gallery
Photo gallery mm2016_030.jpg
Photo gallery mm2016_047.jpg
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Photo gallery mm2016_192.jpg
Photo gallery mm2016_194.jpg
Photo gallery mm2016_206.jpg
Photo gallery mm2016_223.jpg
Photo gallery mm2016_253.jpg
Photo gallery mm2016_263.jpg

Back-to-School Tips




Dear Students,

Welcome back to the new semester and good luck with your add / drop!

The examination results of the first semester are announced! Whatever the results, it is now a good time to review your academic progress and get well-prepared for this semester.

Do you want to hear some tips from your peers? Starting from this month, we will regularly email you the “Study Tips of the Month”. Our student advisers are most happy to share with you their study experience. Here comes our back-to-school tips on how to be a smart learner:

All the best,

Academic Advising Office

Choose a Major and Plan Your Career

Choose a Major and Plan Your Career

Date: January 21, 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 12:45 – 2:00 pm
Venue: University Bookstore, Chi Wah Learning Commons, Centennial Campus

Ms Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office
Ms Jacqueline Lloyd, Senior Student Advising Officer (Careers), CEDARS
Ms Catherine Choi, Student Advising Officer (Careers), CEDARS

What is it about?
Is career prospect one of your major concerns when choosing majors and minors? This talk will focus on the relationship between major selection and career planning. Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • Points to consider in major/ minor selection
  • Graduate employment statistics
  • Employers’ expectations
  • Career planning and preparation
Choose a Major and Plan Your Career

Experienced academic adviser and careers advisers will address common issues related to study and career decisions, and take questions from the audience.

To reserve a place, register early at

When Major Meets Minor Fair 2016
This talk is part of the “When Major Meets Minor Fair 2016″ to be held on the same day at the same place. AAO Academic Advisers, Faculty Administrators and Careers Advisers will be there to answer your questions.
Click here for more details

2219 4685 /

Academic Advising Office

The Essentials of Academic Advising @ HKU


The Essentials of Academic Advising @ HKU

Date: 28 January, 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 12:45 to 2:00 pm (A sandwich lunch and drink will be provided)
Venue: Rm 603, KK Leung Building

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is a re-run of the one AAO held in Semester 1 for academic and academic-related staff, in particular those who have recently joined the University, or have just been assigned advising responsibilities. New academic staff or serving faculty academic advisers who wish to have an update on the latest advising information and resources are most welcome to join.

What is the aim of this workshop?

The overall aim of the workshop is to provide information on the key features of the academic advising system of the University, the advising tools in SIS and relevant campus support resources at HKU.

What will I learn about?

Through interesting activities, the workshop will cover some “Must-know” information such as:

  • Understanding your advisees
  • Academic advising roles and timeline
  • Student development roadmap and common issues
  • How to use simple SIS advising tools
  • Advising students with academic risks
  • Referrals and campus resources

Who will be speakers?

Presentation by

  • Ms. Katherine Wan, Head, AAO
  • Ms. Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, AAO

Experience Sharing by

  • Professor WK Chan, Chairman of Academic Advising Committee & Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Faculty of Science
Click HERE for registration!


Who should I contact if I have questions?

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Rachel Hong at /22194684 or Ms. Wendy Yau at /2219 4685.

When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair 2016


When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair 2016

When Major Meets Minor Fair

Dear Student,

Choosing a major and/or a minor is no doubt one of the important academic decisions you make in your university education. With the add/drop period of the second semester coming between January 18 and January 29, 2016, it is now the time for actions. If you are a first-year student, it is timely to explore the wide spectrum of major/minor options and select courses of their potential major(s). If you are a non-final year student, you might need to declare/review your major/minor options. To help you make informed choices, our office will organize the “When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair 2016″:

Date: January 21, 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue: Ground Floor, Chi Wah Learning Commons, Centennial Campus

Main Activities:

  • One-on-one advising sessions with AAO Academic Advisers and Faculty Administrators
  • Lunch time Talk (12:45 pm to 2:00 pm): “Choose a Major and Plan Your Career”
  • Careers Advice
  • Distribution of programme factsheets of all major/minor options

There will also be student advisers sharing with you their study experience and giving out goodies !

For details of the Fair, please go to

See you at the Fair!

Academic Advising Office (AAO)

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