When Major Meets Minor Fair 2015-16

On 21 January 2016, Thursday, the Academic Advising Office held its fourth “When Major Meets Minor Fair” at the Ground Floor of the Chi Wah Learning Commons, with the participation of around 300 students across Faculties.

Who was the Fair for?

All undergraduate students

What was the Fair for ?

For exploring different major and minor options available at the University

Who did students meet in the Fair?
  • Advisers from the Academic Advising Office
  • Administrators across 8 Faculties
  • Careers Advisers from CEDARS (Careers & Placement)
  • Student Advisers
What did students get from the Fair?

Information on specific major/minor options:
The talk entitled “Choose a Major and Plan Your Career”, conducted by AAO Academic Adviser and Careers Adviser from CEDARS (Careers & Placement), was held during the Fair. The speakers shared with 80 students across Faculties the relationship between career planning and major / minor selection and important steps to take in making an informed study decision.

Advice from Administrators:
Administrators from 8 Faculties were there to answer students’ questions regarding regulations and procedures; representatives from CEDARS (Careers and Placement) also stationed on site to advise students on employment destinations of graduates from different faculties and career options .

Peer Advice:
Student representatives, including Faculty Student Advisers, not only helped out in the Fair but also shared their first-hand experience in major / minor selection with peers.

Missed the Fair?

No worries. Click here to download the presentation slides of the Talk.

If you have questions regarding your major / minor selection , you can:

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