Common Myths on Academic Advising


Common Myths on Academic Advising

Dear Student,

Welcome back to the campus after the Lunar New Year holidays! The start of a new semester is always a good time to meet your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) to review your academic progress. Don’t forget to meet your FAA(s) at least once every semester in your first year of study, regardless of whether you have already met him/her in the previous semester. Your FAA(s) will surely give you professional advice on your study matters.

Don’t sit back and fall victim of the common myths about academic advising, reach out to your FAA today.

Myth 1

Academic advising is for the student with a low GPA.

Advising is not solely for students who have difficulties in studies. Even academically able students need guidance on matters like deciding on exchange opportunities, choosing a suitable majors and minors or planning for postgraduate studies. If in case you do have questions about how to improve your academic performance, your FAA can always give you tips and advice.

Myth 2

I did not contact my FAA in the first semester, therefore I better not approach my FAA now as he / she may already have a bad impression.

The old saying is “better late than never”. Your FAA is there to help and guide you and to review your progress, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or nervous to contact him / her. They are friendly and approachable.

Myth 3

Meeting with my FAA in a formal setting is intimidating. I don’t know what to talk about…

Although meeting with your FAA might not be as fun as chatting with friends, it does not have to be intimidating. Your FAA has been specifically assigned to help you adjust to the University and to guide you through your studies, such as how to develop study plan and select major/ minor, how to improve study skills, how to plan for exchange, internship, etc.


So, take action NOW! Make an appointment to see your FAAs as soon as you can!

Academic Advising Office