The Essentials of Academic Advising @HKU (Sep 2015)

The Essentials of Academic Advising @HKU (Sep 2015)

Workshop Highlights

To keep colleagues abreast of the key features and developments of the University Academic Advising System, AAO has conducted a workshop entitled “The Essentials of Academic Advising @HKU” on September 30, 2015.

A wide range of topics were covered in the workshop, such as first year students’ perception of academic advising, types of academic advisers at the University, essential information about the academic advising system, updated advising tools and campus resources, etc. Through sharing on non-local student cases, Professor WK Chan (Chairman of the Academic Advising Committee, Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Faculty of Science) highlighted the unique academic and socio-cultural challenges they might encounter.

The workshop received encouraging response, attracting about 40 teaching staff and administrators from different Faculties and University units.

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