Exams are Coming! Tips and Adviser for You

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Dear Student,

Exams are Coming! Tips and Adviser for You

Exams are coming! Feeling stressed-out? AAO would like to wish you good luck as you wrap up this semester and prepare for the upcoming assessment period.

Please take a quick look at the “3-minute Exam Prep Tips” we have prepared for you. It is a good way to remind yourself of:

To make sure that you are making good academic progress, the University requires all first-year students to meet with their Faculty Academic Advisers (FAAs) at least once EVERY semester. If you have any questions regarding your exam preparation, or if you have not met your FAA yet, please contact him/ her as soon as possible and arrange for a meeting. It is a good time to seek advice from your advisers on your academic progress so far. If you are not sure who your FAA is, please refer to this video: https://aao.hku.hk/video/video-04/


Study well, good luck and have a Super Pass!

Academic Advising Office