Major in Success: Transitioning to University Studies


Major in Success: Transitioning to University Studies

Date: Sept 25, 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Venue: Meng Wah Complex, T7

Who is it for?

All undergraduate students

What is it about?

This workshop will provide practical advice on how to make a smooth transition from secondary school to University and how to prepare for successful University learning. There will be a panel discussion by experienced teachers and students. Audience questions will also be taken.

Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • How to set an academic goal and plan your study at University?
  • How to make smart educational choices and become an active learner?
  • How to handle overwhelming workload and adjustment to the new teaching and learning environment?
  • How to balance study and extra-curricular/ hall activities?
  • How to get good academic results and avoid discontinuation of studies?

… and other questions that you bring forth.

Who will speak?
  • Professor Frederick Leung, Warden of Starr Hall and Professor, School of Biological Science
  • Professor Karen Laidler, Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Director of the Centre of Criminology
  • Dr. James Vere, Programme Director of BEcon/Fin and Chairman of the Faculty Review Committee, Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Dr. Amy Lewis, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office
  • Ms Katherine Wan, Head Academic Advising Office (Moderator)

… and a panel of current students who will share their experience on balancing hall activities and academic studies, programme transfer, adaptation to university studies and many more.
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Telephone: 2219 4686