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Academic Advising Professional Development Workshop (Dec 2011)

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Academic Advising Professional Development Workshop (Dec 2011)

Workshop Highlights

The Academic Advising Office and CEDARS invited Professor Avis Hinkson, Dean of Barnard College, Columbia University, to host two academic advising professional development workshops for staff members on December 6 and 7, 2011.

Professor Hinkson served as the Director of Undergraduate Advising at the University of California-Berkeley for six years before joining Columbia. She had orchestrated the academic advising of over 18,000 undergraduate liberal arts students at Berkeley.

This series of development workshops were similar to the ones held in June 2011 which were also conducted by Professor Hinkson. The workshops covered the approaches, skills and practical tips of academic advising.

Workshop Highlights

  • 53 participants attended the workshops, including 44 teaching staff and 9 administrative staff.
  • Professor Hinkson gave two presentations on academic advising and served as facilitator of the case studies sessions.
  • Mrs. Tania Hui, Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance Section, Registry, was invited to speak on the structure of the 3-Year and 4-Year undergraduate curricula.
  • Dr. Eugenie Leung, Director of Counselling and Person Enrichment, CEDARS, Mr. Joe Poon, in-house lawyer and Ms Angela Lau, Equal Opportunity Officer, were invited to share their views on counseling, legal issues and equal opportunity issues respectively.
  • The workshops received very positive evaluation from participants. They found them very useful and practical.


  Tuesday December 6, 2011
(9:00 am to 1:30 pm)
KB 110, Knowles Building
Wednesday December 7, 2011
(9:00 am to 1:30 pm)
RR321, Run Run Shaw Building
Presentation I: Advising Foundations – Framework for Successful Advisors
Speaker: Prof. Avis Hinkson
Presentation II: Undergraduate Curriculum Reform – 2010 Curriculum and 2012 Curriculum
Speaker: Mrs. Tania Hui
Presentation III: Developmental Advising – The Seated Teacher
Speaker: Prof. Avis Hinkson
Case studies facilitated by Prof. Avis Hinkson

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