Find Your Academic Adviser

Find Your Academic Adviser

Faculty Academic Advisers

First-year students will be assigned to a Faculty Academic Adviser or a personal tutor. More details will be given to the first-year students during individual Faculty orientations.

First-year students can check who their Faculty Academic Advisers are via the SIS by the following procedures:

A. By completing the following procedures at SIS:

  1. Login to HKU Portal
  2. On the left-hand side menu, click “Student Information System”, and a new window for SIS will pop up (see the screen capture here)
  3. In the new SIS window, click “Self-service” on the left-hand side menu (see the screen capture here)
  4. Click “Student Center” on the menu (see the screen capture here)
  5. The name of the assigned Faculty Academic Adviser appears on the right-hand side under the heading “Adviser” (see the screen capture here)

B. By clicking this web link:

Please click HERE for find your academic adviser


Students of the other Faculties can still consult the Advisers for Major programme / Curriculum if they wish to seek academic advices.

Faculty Academic Advising Co-ordinators

Faculty Name Email
Faculty of Architecture Mr. Renato Garcia
Faculty of Arts Dr. Gang Song
Faculty of Business and Economics Dr. Tao Lin
Faculty of Dentistry Dr. James Tsoi
Faculty of Education Dr. Jessica Leung
Faculty of Engineering Prof. George Tham
Faculty of Law Ms. Karen Kong
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Dr. Raymond Tsang
Faculty of Science Dr. Francis Ling
Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Travis Kong

Faculty Academic Advising Administrators

Faculty Name Email
Faculty of Architecture Mr. Ivan Wong
Faculty of Arts Ms. Mandy Leung
Faculty of Business and Economics Ms. Wella Yu
Faculty of Dentistry Ms. Joyce Chan
Faculty of Education Ms. Ryan Chan
Faculty of Engineering Ms. Sharon Chui
Faculty of Law Ms. Pamela Tam
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Ms. Stefani Lau
Faculty of Science Ms. June Tse
Faculty of Social Sciences Ms. Vanessa Sit