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Advising “Chat and Share”


Advising “Chat and Share”

Date: May 8, 2017 (Monday)
Time: 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm
Venue: Room 603, KK Leung Building, Main Campus

*Drinks and sandwiches will be provided.
As the semester draws to a close, it is a good time for advisers to gather and share our advising experience in a more relaxed manner.

What can I get?

The AAO “Chat and Share” workshop is specially designed to enhance our advising capability through:

  • A review of REAL student advising scenarios that happen day-to-day
  • Casual sharing on different approaches that may work (As always, there is no single answer to every problem!)
  • Sharing by CEDARS’s colleagues to expand our “know-how” on advising mental health and career planning or related issues encountered by advisees
  • Sharing by experienced academic colleagues on tips on handling advisees’ study concerns
  • An update of useful advising resources and referral mechanism

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed for all Faculty Academic Advisers, teachers and administrators who support undergraduate students.

Who will speak and share?

  • Experienced Faculty Academic Advisers:
    • Dr. Julia Kuehn, Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Arts; Chair, Academic Advising Committee
    • Dr. Anthony Tam, Academic Adviser, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering
    • Miss Nicole Tavares, Senior Lecturer, Division of English Language Education, Faculty of Education
  • Ms. Jaime Fung, Director, Careers and Placement, CEDARS
  • Ms. Linda Yeung, Acting Director, Counselling and Person Enrichment, CEDARS
  • Ms. Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office

How to register?

Please click HERE for registration



Tips of April: Semester Wrap up and Exam Preparation



Dear Students,

Tips of April: Semester Wrap up and Exam Preparation

There are only a few weeks left before this semester comes to an end. To help you prepare for the coming exam, we would like to offer you three practical “goodies”:

  • iconA Chance to Seek Personalized Advice
    If you have any concerns or issues regarding your exam preparation or final assignment, please contact your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) as soon as possible for a meeting.
  • iconA 3-Minute Online Orientation on Effective Exam Preparation
    Take a quick look at our “3-minute Exam Prep Tips” It is a good way to remind yourself of how to develop your revision plan, how to revise smart (such as taking reference to past exam papers, how to cope with exam stress , etc.
  • iconA List of Tips from Your Student Advisers
    Feeling stressed out already? Let’s hear how the senior students survived their exams! Video

Study hard but don’t forget to eat and rest well! Good luck and have a Super Pass!

With best wishes,
Academic Advising Office

Seek advice from Temporary Academic Adviser on Major Minor Decisions



Dear Students,

Seek advice from Temporary Academic Adviser on Major Minor Decisions

Can you imagine this semester is already half over? If you are a Year 1 student, you may be planning to declare major/ minor after the summer break; if you are in Year 2 or above, you may be reviewing your major/minor or possibly changing it in the next add/drop period. Whatever your plan is, find out more about your potential major/minor subjects from Our Temporary Academic Advisers (TAAs).


  • TAAs are teachers who can answer your questions about a particular subject in your major/minor exploration.
  • Currently there are about 100 TAAs from programmes that offer major/minor options.
  • Whether you are a home or non-home student of that Faculty, you can request to meet with a TAA for each subject any time on SIS under “Self-service”. Click for more information.

Remember, when assessing the suitability of a major/minor, there are many aspects that you may discuss with your TAA. Do you know what factors senior students considered in deciding their study choices? Take one minute to watch the video now:

Feel free to contact us at 22194686/ if you have any questions.

Academic Advising Office

Scholarship Application and Interview



Dear Students,

Scholarship Application and Interview

Our “How to Prepare for a Successful Scholarship Application and Interview” workshop was held on March 21, 2017 (last Tuesday) with the participation of about 100 students across different Faculties.

Apart from the presentation of Ms Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser of our Office, on an overview of documents required for a scholarship application and tips for interviews and preparing different supporting materials, we were very pleased to have Ms Kitty Wong and Ms Henrietta Chan, Director and Senior Manager of the Scholarships Office respectively, to share with us many practical advice on how to search for scholarship opportunities and avoid some common mistakes made by past applicants. Two successful scholarship recipients, Ms Sum-In Tsang (Awardee of the DH Chen Foundation Scholarship) and Ms Sonia Yeung (Winner of the Innotech Award) were also there to share with participants their first hand experiences and what made them stand out in the competitive scholarship applications and interviews.

We understand that some of you were not able to join us last Tuesday evening. No worries. To help you grasp a general idea of the nature and process of scholarship application, we have compiled this 3-minute briefing:

Best of luck on your scholarship search and application!

Academic Advising Office

Please meet with Your Faculty Academic Adviser




Dear Student,

Please meet with Your Faculty Academic Adviser

Time flies! You are already half way through this semester. To ensure that you are aware of the academic choices available to you under the curriculum and that you are making good academic progress, the University requires all of you in Year 1 to meet with your Faculty Academic Advisers (FAAs) at least once EVERY semester.

As the Reading Week (March 6-11) is approaching, it is a good time to review your progress so far with your FAA. Please contact and meet with him / her at your earliest convenience. If you are not sure who your FAA is, please look at this video:

Please contact us at 2219 4686 or email us at should you have any query.

Please disregard this message if you have already met with your FAA in this semester.

Academic Advising Office



請約見你的Faculty Academic Adviser

轉眼間,這個學期已差不多過了一半!為確保每位同學都清楚明白自己在現行學制下有什麼選擇,而且學業進度良好,大學規定每位一年級的新同學每學期至少約見他們的Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) 一次。

Reading Week (6/3-11/3) 將至,是時候跟你的FAA見見面,談談你的學習進度,跟他討論一下自己怎樣才可以做得更好。請儘快聯絡你的FAA,以安排會面。如不清楚你的FAA是誰,可看看這段短片︰

若有問題,歡迎致電2219 4686,或電郵至



Tips of March: Are you ready for the mid-terms?



Dear Students,

Time files and the Reading Week (March 6-11) is coming! When you return after the break, there might be a good number of assignments and mid-term tests waiting for you. Are you ready for them?

Tips of October: Build up Good Study Habits

Let’s hear some tips from our student advisers:

Wish you all a fantastic Reading Week! Work hard! Play hard!

Best regards,

Academic Advising Office

How to Prepare for a Successful Scholarship Application and Interview



How to Prepare for a Successful Scholarship Application and Interview

Date: March 21, 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Venue: LE 3, Library Extension, Main Campus

scholarship iconScholarships are awarded in recognition of students’ academic excellence, as well as their achievement and passion to contribute back to society. Apart from financial support, many awards also provide enrichment opportunities to help students realize their potentials or to enhance their credentials for future studies and career pursuits. This AAO Scholarship Workshop will help you prepare more effectively for your next scholarship application!
Who is it for

All undergraduate students

What you will learn
  • How to search for different scholarship opportunities
  • How donors select scholarship candidates
  • Tips to prepare an effective scholarship application (e.g. Application form and personal statement)
  • How to present your strengths and address difficult questions at interviews
  • Common mistakes made by students and how to avoid them
What can you expect from the workshop

In this workshop, you will gain knowledge and skills to enhance the success of your future scholarship applications. In addition to an overview of documents required for a scholarship application, practical advice will be given on how to avoid some common mistakes made by past applicants. Successful scholarship recipients will also share their first-hand application experiences and how they overcame challenges in competitive scholarship interviews.

Who will speak

  • Ms Kitty Wong, Director, Scholarships Office, HKU
  • Ms Henrietta Chan, Senior Manager, Scholarships Office, HKU
  • Ms Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office, HKU
  • Recipients of Scholarships (Innotech Award and The DH Chen Foundation Scholarship)

scholarship icon


Register and submit any questions that you may have about the topic at


Achieving Greater Success in Your Studies



Dear Students,

At the beginning of the New Year of Rooster, it might now be a good time to meet with your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) to review your academic progress. To make sure you have adequate academic support, you are required by the University to meet with your FAA(s) at least once every semester in your first year of study, that is, to meet your FAA in this semester regardless of whether you have met him/her in the first semester.

However, the following misconceptions about academic advising might make you hesitate…

Academic advising is for the student with a low GPA. I am doing fine and do not need advice.
Advising is not solely for students who have difficulties in studies. Even academically outstanding students need guidance on matters like deciding on exchange opportunities, choosing a suitable major and minor, finding an internship or planning for postgraduate studies.

I did not contact my FAA in the first semester, therefore I better not approach my FAA now as he / she may already have a bad impression of me.
The old saying is “better late than never”. Your FAA is there to help and guide you and to review your progress, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or nervous to contact him / her.

Meeting with my FAA in a formal setting is intimidating. I don’t know what to talk about …
Although meeting with your FAA might not be as fun as chatting with friends, it does not have to be intimidating. Your FAA’s role is to help you adjust to the University and to guide you through your studies. You can talk about your learning experience in the past semester and find solutions to your weak areas, or get advice on how to plan ahead for greater success.


Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. Reach out to your FAA today.



Academic Advising Office

Greetings from the Academic Advising Office







  • 如何適應大學生活
  • 如何訂定學習計劃
  • 如何訂立學業目標
  • 如何規劃進修 / 升讀研究院
  • 如何處理學習困難
  • 如何善用大學資源以提升學習成效
  • 有關課程要求、學務規則與相關程序的諮詢
  • 有關跨學院學習的諮詢

地址︰香港大學鈕魯詩樓地下UG 07室學業指導處
電話︰2219 4686
Facebook︰AAO Facebook






Welcome back to campus after the Lunar New Year holidays!
How well are you coping with your studies? Is everything on the right track? Are you fulfilling your study goals? If you have any issues of concerns regarding your studies, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help.

What is Academic Advising

Academic advising is a developmental process in which you are empowered to think critically, explore available academic options, and take personal responsibility for goal-setting and decision-making with the guidance of your teachers and academic advisers.

What we can help you with

The team at the Academic Advising Office (AAO) consists of seasoned academic advisers and experienced administrators who are ready to help. Service includes:

  • Adjustment to university studies
  • Development of study plan
  • Clarification of educational goals
  • Information about cross-Faculty learning opportunities
  • Plan for postgraduate studies
  • Attend to academic areas of weakness
  • Guidance on degree requirements, academic regulations and procedures
  • Referral of campus resources to enhance learning outcome

Contact us
Address: UG 07, Knowles Building
Telephone: 2219 4686
Facebook︰AAO Facebook

You can schedule an individual appointment with an AAO academic adviser in person, by phone, by email or by online booking.

When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair 2017: Thank You for Your Support




Dear students,

Many thanks to all who have participated in our fifth “When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair 2017″ which was held last Thursday (January 19, 2017). We hope that different activities in the Fair have provided you with useful information and insights for your major / minor selection. If you have missed it, no worries, you can revisit it and learn about the resources available to you when selecting your major / minor at:

Wishing you all the best for your studies in the coming Year of the Rooster!



Academic Advising Office

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