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Wishing you a Superpass!


Wishing you a Superpass!

Wishing you a Superpass!

From Academic Advising Office

Sharing Session on Current Issues in Academic Advising @ HKU: Supporting Academically At-Risk Students

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Sharing Session on Current Issues in Academic Advising @ HKU:
Supporting Academically At-Risk Students

Date: May 20, 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 12:15 pm – 2:00 pm
Venue: MW408, 4/F, Meng Wah Complex, Main Campus

(Light lunch will be provided)

What is it about?

This sharing session aims at providing an opportunity for teachers and Faculty Academic Advisers to share ideas and good practices on how to render effective support to academically at-risk students through early alert strategies and intervention measures. Experienced colleagues will share on the following issues:

  • How to identify academically unprepared and at-risk students?
  • Under what circumstances would a student be discontinued from studies?
  • What alert strategies and intervention measures are being used by Faculties?
  • In what ways do psychological / personal issues affect academic performance?
  • How to balance residential hall life and academic commitments?
  • When and how to make effective referrals to support academically at-risk students?
Who will speak?


  • Professor Wai-kin CHAN, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science ; Chairman, Academic Advising Committee
  • Ms. Katherine WAN, Head, Academic Advising Office

Panel Discussants (In alphabetical order):

  • Professor Daniel CHAN, Chairman, Committee on Discontinuation
  • Dr. Samuel CHU, Warden, Swire Hall
  • Dr. Wilton FOK, Senior Tutor, Suen Chi Sun Hall
  • Dr. Eugenie LEUNG, Director, Counselling and Person Enrichment, CEDARS
  • Professor George THAM, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Ka-fu WONG, Bachelor of Economics and Finance Programme Director, Faculty of Business and Economics

All are welcome

Program Rundown
Click HERE for registration!



Ms. Rachel HONG, Academic Adviser, AAO
(Tel: 2219 4684; Email:

Ready for Exams?

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Dear Student,

Exams are coming! Are you ready?

AAO has prepared a set of “3-minute Exam Prep Tips” for you. It is a good way to remind yourself of

  • How to develop your revision plan
  • How to revise smartly
  • Do’s and Don’ts on the exam day
  • Where to seek help

Remember, your Faculty Academic Adviser; AAO advisers; CEDARS counselors, and your peers are all around if you need help.


Keep calm, study hard and good luck!!!

Academic Advising Office

Strengthen Your Credentials with Summer Experience


Strengthen Your Credentials with Summer Experience

Dear Students,

As the second semester is drawing to a close, have you started planning for the coming summer? Our next workshop in April will show you how your summer could be spent to realize your academic, personal development and career plans:

Strengthen Your Credentials with Summer Experience

Date: April 16, 2015 (Thursday)

Time: 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Venue: T T 303, 3/F, T. T. Tsui Building

Speaker: Ms Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office

Abstract: Our Adviser will guide you to:

  • Review how far your plan has worked out
  • Explore barriers and how to overcome them
  • Gain insight into how different types of summer activities could be utilized to enhance your credentials
  • Get ready for actions
Click HERE for registration!

Our “How to Prepare a Successful Application and Interview for Scholarships” workshop was held this Tuesday with the participation of over 100 students. If you have missed it, no worries. You can download the presentation slides here. Should you have any questions regarding scholarship application or scholarship interview, you are most welcome to make an appointment with our academic advisers at

See you soon!

Academic Advising Office

How to Prepare for a Successful Scholarship Application and Interview


How to Prepare for a Successful Scholarship Application and Interview

Date: March 24, 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Venue: KK 202, K.K. Leung Building

Scholarships are awarded in recognition of students’ academic excellence, as well as their achievement in specific areas of value to the community. As such the award will be an important enhancement to your credentials for future postgraduate studies and/or career pursuits.

If you are thinking of applying to a scholarship in the near future, attend this workshop which will show you:

  • What the interviewers are looking for
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • How to present your strengths and address difficult questions
  • Tips to prepare an effective scholarship application (e.g. Personal Statement)

Who is it for?

All undergraduate students

What is it about?

This interactive workshop will provide useful information to increase your understanding of the requirements of scholarship applications and teach you how to better prepare for a scholarship interview and application documents.

A selected candidate will be on stage to interact directly with our interviewers in a mock interview. To illustrate different interviewing approaches, the interviewers will also pick other workshop participants from the audience to answer questions and immediate feedback will be given.

Who will speak?

Experienced interviewers in various scholarship selection panels:

  • Professor Patrick Y. K. Chau, Director of the School of Business, HKU
  • Dr Vera S. Yip, Faculty of Medicine, HKU
  • Ms Rachel Hong, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office, HKU

Have Questions on Scholarship Application?
If you have questions related to scholarship applications that you wish to learn from the workshop, please indicate when you register for this workshop.

Click HERE for registration!
Enquiries: 2219 4686

Please meet with Your Faculty Academic Adviser


Dear Student,

Please meet with Your Faculty Academic Adviser

To ensure that each student is aware of the academic choices available to him / her under the flexible curriculum and to have good academic progress, the University requires all first-year students to meet with their Faculty Academic Advisers (FAAs) at least once EVERY semester.

As the Reading Week is approaching, it is a good time to review your progress so far this semester with your FAA. Please contact and meet with him / her at your earliest convenience. If you are not sure who your FAA is, please refer to this video:

Please contact us at 2219 4686 or email us at should you have any query.

Please disregard this message if you have already met with your FAA in this semester.

Academic Advising Office



請約見你的Faculty Academic Adviser

大學的課程設計靈活,選擇甚具彈性。為確保每位同學都清楚了解自己在學業上有甚麼選擇,兼具良好的學習進度,大學規定每位一年級的新同學每學期至少約見他們的Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) 一次。

Reading Week將至,是時候跟你的FAA好好檢討一下你的學習進度。請儘快聯絡你的FAA,並安排會面。如不清楚你的FAA是誰,請參考這段短片︰

若有問題,歡迎致電2219 4686,或電郵至



When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair 2015


When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair 2015

Dear Student,

Choosing a major and / or a minor will be one of the most important academic decisions you make. How can you make the choice that is best for you? To help you explore the wide spectrum of major and minor options available, the Academic Advising Office (AAO) will organize the “When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair”:

Date: January 28, 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue: Ground Floor, Chi Wah Learning Commons, Centennial Campus

During the Fair, you can attend information briefings conducted by teachers from different Faculties on the major / minor options their Faculties offered and a talk by CEDARS (Careers & Placement).

Please click HERE to register!


There will also be Faculty administrators and careers advisers to attend to your enquiries. Student representatives from different Faculties will be around to share with you their first-hand experience too.

For details of the Fair, please go to

See you at the Fair!

Academic Advising Office (AAO)


When Major Meets Minor Fair

Five Common Myths on Academic Advising



Dear Students,

The examination results of the first semester will soon be announced! Whatever the results, it is now a good time to meet with your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) again to review your academic progress and get well-prepared for the coming semester.

Don’t sit back and fall victim of a number of common myths about academic advising, reach out to your FAA today.

Myth 1

Academic advising is for the student with a low GPA.

Advising is not solely for students who have difficulties in coping with their studies. Even academically outstanding students can use guidance on matters like deciding on exchange opportunities, choosing a suitable majors and minors or planning for postgraduate studies. Go and tell your FAAs about your study plan or career goals, and you may be surprised to hear your FAAs insights and opinions that you have never thought of.

Myth 2

I did not contact my FAA in the first semester, therefore I better not approach my FAA now as he / she may already have a bad impression.

The old saying is “better late than never”. Whether or not you have met with your FAA in the first semester, now that you have your first semester results and more experience with the University, it would be timely to consult your FAA on your study plan. Your FAA is there to help and guide you and to review your progress, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or nervous to contact him/her.

Myth 3

It is better to seek advice from my peers since they can relate more to my experience.

There is no doubt that your peers like o’camp leaders or senior hallmates can provide you with useful opinions. However, their advice, like all other advice, has its limitation – it is based on their own strengths and personality. This is most likely different from yours. Additionally, while your peers are able to give you views from a student’s perspective, your FAA sees matters from another perspective. Getting advice from peers and FAAs is not substitute of one another.

Myth 4

There is no point meeting my FAA because he/she is not teaching courses in my intended major.

In the event that your assigned FAA is not from your intended major, he or she as an academic staff of your Faculty can still advise you on how to draw up your study plan, how to prepare for declaring your intended major and to give you suggestions on the requisite study skills. If there are details that he / she is not familiar with, your FAA would guide and refer you to the most appropriate person for further advice.

Myth 5

Meeting with my FAA in a formal setting is intimidating. I don’t know what to talk about…

Although meeting with your FAA might not be as fun as chatting with your friends, it does not have to be intimidating. FAAs are teachers who are used to communicating with students. Your FAA has been specifically assigned to help you adjust to the University and to guide you through your academic plans. You can raise any study-related query (e.g. how to develop a study plan, how to improve study skills, what to consider when selecting a major questions on learning opportunities such as exchange, research and internship). It is advisable to write down the questions you wish to discuss with your FAA before you meet with him/her.






Academic Advising Office

Online Orientation on Major/ Minor Selection




Dear Student,

Online Orientation on Major/ Minor Selection

The second semester is coming and you can declare / change your major / minor programmes during the Add / Drop period from January 19 to 30, 2015. What should you consider when making the decision? Just spare 3 minutes to complete our online orientation on major / minor selection and get some practical tips, plus getting a special gift after finishing it!

Want to talk to someone or get more clues on this? We strongly encourage you to go to our “When ‘Major’ Meets ‘Minor’ Fair” on January 28, 2015 (Wednesday) which will be held on Ground Floor, Chi Wah Learning Commons. For details, please look at


Thank you and look forward to seeing you in the Fair!

Academic Advising Office

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year!

Message from the Academic Advising Office (AAO)

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!
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